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Redfish on Fly in Florida Bay – January 2012

Flat calm days in the Florida Keys allowed us to fly fish for redfish and black drum in the Florida

Swamp Guide’s Ball 2012

Take a ride along with Capt. Steve Friedman and his angler and father, Greg Friedman for the 22nd annual Swamp

Shark (and Tarpon) Ely Style-2011 –

Tiernan Ely battles a lage black tip shark in the Everglades near Flamingo and then does some work with an

VIDEO-Bonefish and Sharks in Islamorada with Bob(s) Wilson 2011

Bob Wilson and son fight bonefish and sharks fishing in Islamorada, Florida Keys with Capt. Steve Friedman

VIDEO-Sam’s Fly-caught Tarpon in the Florida Keys

Fly fishing for tarpon near Islamorada, Florida Keys with Sam Kaufman and Capt. Steve Friedman

First Permit Ever

Capt. Steve Friedman assists his angler catch his first permit ever while fishing with a live crab in Islamorada, Florida.

Florida Keys Random Fishing Scenes

Capt. Steve Friedman’s random fishing scenes from the Florida Keys in 2010

Tarpon fishing in Florida Bay with the Hernandez Family

Tarpon and redfish on a rainy day in Florida Bay

Ride to the Everglades

A ride in July to Flamingo on a flat calm day. Escorted by bottle-nosed dolphin, ospreys and even a redfish